Call for Papers — special issue in JEP


Special issue in the Journal of Environmental Psychology
Title: “Cross-cultural environmental psychology”

Guest Editors:
Taciano L. Milfont (Victoria University of Wellington),
Kim-Pong Tam (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology),

There is broad consensus among scholars that solving environmental problems requires collective and broad-based actions from people across national and cultural boundaries. Environmental psychologists can play an important role in understanding cultural influences in the interactions between humans and the natural environment, and the field has seen a strong increase in research conducted across cultural groups (for reviews, see Milfont, 2012; Milfont & Schultz, 2016). The goal of this special issue is to consolidate and foster (cross-)cultural research within the field.

For the special issue, the Guest Editors will favour empirical submissions using quantitative or mixed methods that focus on environmental conservation and sustainability and take a (cross-)cultural perspective. This includes distinct comparative research (e.g., national, regional or ethnic cultures). The Guest Editors encourage submissions using either observable behaviour or impact measures as criteria, and welcome meta-analyses and replications (ideally pre-registered).

We encourage interested researchers to consider methodological issues well discussed in cross-cultural research. These include, for example, translation and adaptation of measures, measurement equivalence and bias, and avoiding overemphasis on cultural differences and the use of cultural explanations ex post facto (see Matsumoto & Van de Vijver, 2010).

To submit a paper for consideration in this special issue, please send a submission proposal (a 2-page, single-spaced extended abstract) to the Guest Editors via email by 31 March 2018. The Guest Editors will review the abstracts and invite submission of the full manuscript for the selected papers, which will have to be submitted to the journal via the new editorial system Evise.” The deadline for submission of the full manuscript is 30 September 2018.

This call is open and competitive; papers will undergo the normal review process with a final decision about inclusion in the special issue to be made by the Guest Editors in consultation with the journal editors.

Submitted papers must be original manuscripts that are not under consideration by any other journals. Single-study (7,000 words) and multiple-studies articles (10,000 words) are preferred but brief research reports (3,000 words) will also be considered. The word count includes everything (title page, main text, acknowledgements, tables/figures, and reference list). The Guest Editors are happy to discuss initial ideas for submission. Please contact them directly via email.

Call for papers: Distributed by the Guest Editors, November 2017, and published in JEP December 2017
Deadline for submission of proposals: 31 March 2018
Send out Invitations for full papers: April 2018
Deadline for submission of full papers: 30 September 2018
Review process: October 2018-June 2019
Print issue: September 2019

Matsumoto, D., & Van de Vijver, F. J. R. (Eds.) (2010). Cross-cultural research methods. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
Milfont, T. L. (2012). Cultural differences in environmental engagement. In S. Clayton (Ed.). The Oxford Handbook of Environmental and Conservation Psychology (pp. 181-202). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Milfont, T. L., & Schultz, P. W. (2016). Culture and the natural environment. Current Opinion in Psychology, 8, 194-199.