Key Papers by Topic

Environmental Psychology

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Milfont, T. L. (2012). The interplay between knowledge, perceived efficacy and concern about global warming and climate change: A one-year longitudinal study. Risk Analysis, 32, 1003-1020.

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Ferreira, M. C., Fischer, R., Porto, J., Pilati, R., & Milfont, T. L. (2012). Unravelling the mystery of Brazilian jeitinho: A cultural exploration of social norms. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38, 331-344.

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Human Values

Fischer, R., Milfont, T. L., & Gouveia, V. V. (2011). Does social context affect value structures? Testing the intra-cultural stability of value structures with a functional theory of values. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 42, 253-270.

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Individual Differences

Milfont, T. L., Merry, S. N., Robinson, E. M., Denny, S. J., Crengle, S., & Ameratunga, S. N. (2008). Evaluating the short form of the Reynolds adolescent depression scale in New Zealand adolescents. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 42, 950-954.

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 Milfont, T. L., & Duckitt, J. (2010). The environmental attitudes inventory: A valid and reliable measure to assess the structure of environmental attitudes. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 30, 80-94.

Research Methods

Denny, S. J., Milfont, T. L., Utter, J., Robinson, E. M., Ameratunga, S. N., Merry, S. N., Fleming, T. M., & Watson, P. D. (2008). Hand-held internet tablets for school-based data collection. BMC Research Notes, 1, 52.

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